TV & Film: Summertime Netflixing(and MORE) Your Way (Part Deux)

ROUND TWO of summertime media consumption…..BEGIN!!!!

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Continuing with my summer journey of beating the heat and consuming media I figured I would pick up right where I left off from the last article.

Picking up in the UK where I left you guys with Todd Margaret, I decided to jump into one of my favorite shows to watch…..



This wonderful series has captivated me to the point where I don’t even notice the episodes being 90 MINUTES LONG anymore!! Well maybe a little but it is just so dang entertaining and well written and well acted and overloaded with wit, humor…well as one of us would say, heart humor and spectacle. (Shout out to Nate De La Vega!!) Every episode is a movie continuing the lore of the great detective of 221b Baker Street. After enjoying the behind the scenes after completing season three(which had a wonderful ending) Season four picks up with all the delicious traits of our fun favorite functional sociopath. If you are one that has deprived yourself of seeing Benedict Cumberbatch in complete grandiose form, take a look, it’s from a book and all on NETFLIIIIX. So what if I just dated myself!




Keeping with the UK theme still brought me to….



Now this one, THIS show is hilarious and I thank the person that suggested it to me. Thanks Denver! Through conversation of TV comedy, this gem came up. It has a Reno 911 haphazard ‘official’ vibe with a heavy dose of The Office style camerawork and that perfectly placed dry british wit and scenes of displacing comfort that will have you wanting to disappear. This show is a Pseudo-Documentary with a hilarious narrator telling us about the common mishaps that take place at the “Northend” Airport and they are the UK Border Patrol ensuring the saftey of their UK bretheren. The cast of characters perfectly compliments one another as the show tackles delicate issues such as death, racism, terrorism and probably too many other ‘isms’ that delivers. Take a gander at this when you can and enjoy!

As I depart from the Northend and delve into another journey, in the midst of all this summertime Netflixing My Way, San Diego Comic Con dropped some serious trailers and one of them inspired me to go watch something else……

The trailer of inspiration was…

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!! Take ALL of my money and I can not WAIT!

After seeing this, I needed a fix and I recalled that still had part of a Godzilla movie to finish and fortunately for me, Part TWO had just been released….

Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters (Part 1)

Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle (Part 2)


These are going to itch the anime scratch, the mecha anime scratch, your godzilla scratch and just overall entertain you. The story line follows us being kicked off from mother earth and the sparse human survivors attempting to make it on their own. I would say part 1 is a little slow but in a trilogy, that is to be expected. It picks up and when it does it just creates a torrent of action leading right into part 2. The animation on this is similar to Knights of Sidonia, Cyborg 009 and Ajin bringing you fast paced action with a vivid array of cinematic spectacles that left me a little bummed that I didn’t have the chance to see this in a theater. Whining aside, these are COOL, I mean, monsters and heroes and Gundam suits and GODZILLA?!?! What else do you need to scoop this up? Be prepared for the third and final in this trilogy later this year scheduled for a November release.


Well that was a LOT and you are now eligible to go forth and enjoy some more of these summertime smashes so you can keep curating your life and media……THE PLAYER WAY!

Carve out some time between work, school, family, chores and hobbies to enjoy some of that media curated and cool off with these suggestions from @CorruptingTheSystem

Until next time….





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