TV: Summertime Netflixing Your Way

free-summer-activities-1024x657Summertime is for outdoors, cookouts, pool parties and more!! However when the heat is on, then perhaps a gear shift to something more of….


..Ah yes…A binge watching extravaganza is in order?

Yes please!! After a long day of work, parenting, being someones significant other, being an adult and just over all existing, one must take a break once in a while! However what does one do post swimming, cooking out and all the fun activities? Corrupt your system with me as I guide you how to corrupt things your way with a variety pack of goodies that has kept me entertained and should assist you too! Beginning in no particular order of priority..


LUKE CAGE: Season Two


“Harlem…is mine” 

Part of me says this little gems is all you need to know to go get you some of season two of Harlem Hero but where is the fun in that? Season two picks up with Luke Cage feeling himself and cleaning up the streets of his dear Harlem his way. (I would venture saying that he was being a vigilante…The Player Way!)  Continuing on with more soulful vibes and just as drenched as season one was, it was so enchanting just seeing it in so many scenes. The talented Alfre Woodard continues being Mariah Dillard..

Dh1vO8tUwAALbifMy Bad, Bushmaster..Stokes…Mariah Stokes. She PLAYS this part to perfection and is a terrifying villain. Cold Blooded.

Very entertaining and worth the watch, especially after a poor showing earlier this year with Jessica Jones (snoooooooze) and a lackluster Defenders outing last August…Luke Cage delivers once again still showing as a strong number two to DareDevil…well a strong showing except for this:CheeryInsistentElk-size_restricted

The Lamest DAB EVER.






Line this one up for you, and enjoy the Jamaican vibe and become more familiar with Harlems Hero!



Arrested Development: Season Five


After another, shorter hiatus this originally groundbreaking drama comes through with another season not so different from the uniqueness of season 4. Now I have always loved Arrested and I did enjoy this season as well. The tone of that sentence does have a pending other shoe to drop and it’s the continuity of how their timeline has become. Certain actors have started to become slightly long in the tooth and while it doesn’t take everything away, it is SO NOTICEABLE.  Not to point anyone out specifically but….article-0-1A164850000005DC-232_1024x615_large

Alright, enough nit-picking as this show does deliver with its well placed awkward, quirky and inventive humor that we have become familiar with. Give it a go for when you are between shows!


Paranormal Survivor


Shifting gears here with this but I am a sucker for nerve-racking, fascinating and downright creepy stories and this show delivers! Hour long episodes containing real life encounters with ghosts, demons, poltergeist and everything in-between are guaranteed to provide you with the chills on the back of your neck! The series is structured with the persons that were in the events telling their tales coupled with some dramatizations, do just enough to make you wonder what exactly was that bump in the night.



The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret



Now THIS show is addicting David Cross delivers as being the perfect nobody who perfectly creates disaster in nearly every situation. He plays a part-time temp who somehow through meticulously writing, is thrust to the forefront of a national company and is put in a position of responsibility. He proceeds to bungee jump with the unraveling thread that is his job careening to a resolution that is too beautiful to ignore. Scene after scene after gloriously cringe-worthy scene, this show delivers on all fronts with crude humor, specific wit and incredible writing that is worth a watch and I assure you that it will corrupt the system in the best way possible. Think shades of Curb Your Enthusiasm with an actual idot at the helm with a UK twist.


Well this does get you a few shows and episodes to get you mesmerized in those in between times when you aren’t soaking up the sun, preparing kids for school, completing honey-do lists, all while holding down that 9-5.

I shall continue to Corrupt The System and meander through these random gems and deliver some more rabbit holes that we can all fall into, until then…..





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