Games: Bethesda E3 Press Conference Round-Up

Bethesda just wrapped up its 4th E3 press conference.  It was high energy and rest assured, you will not be bored in 2018 and 2019 and beyond.  Here’s what they brought to the table!

Rage 2

Rage 2 is a sequel to the 2010 Rage by Id Software.  The game is an open world post apocalyptic universe that has been described as a cross between Fallout and Doom.  The game trailer and demo show a high octane adventure that is sure to please!

Doom Eternal

You have to give Bethesda credit for keeping this one under wraps.  The speculation was 50/50 regarding whether this game would show up. To my surprise (and fanboy pleasure) the game is in development at Id Software and is bringing hell to earth.  Check out the reveal below!

Prey: Mooncrash

One of my favorite games of 2017 is getting DLC.  Dubbed Mooncrash, the content features an “infinitely playable” rogue like mode.  Players will work to escape a moon base.  Something tells me it won’t be easy.  Along with this update comes 3 new modes.  Story Mode will allow for a more casual experience.  New Game + will give players more reason to return.  Later this summer, a multiplayer mode called Typhon Hunter will be released.  Check out the DLC reveal below!

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

If you haven’t played Wolfenstein II yet, why are you reading this article!?  Anyway, MachineGames has announced a standalone game called Youngblood, where you play the role of BJ Blazkowicz’s twin daughters.  The game is set in the 1980’s where you will continue the legacy of kicking Nazi ass!  Did I mention it offers co-op? See the epic trailer below!

Todd Howard

He came, he spoke, he won E3!  Todd Howard brought the goods.  He announced the details involving Fallout 76 which will be an always online multiplayer survival shooter where you team up with friends to take on the apocalypse.  However, in what may have been the biggest surprise of the night, Mr. Howard announced, along with a very short teaser, that they are currently working on Elder Scrolls VI, in case you weren’t quite sure.  Check out the emotional reveal below!

I encourage all of you to go check out the press conference if you haven’t yet seen it!  It is well worth seeing it for yourself.  Did anything surprise you?  Let us know in the comments below!

Jonathan is a cohost of Weekly Games Chat with his friends Chris and Shaun.  Weekly Games Chat posts every Wednesday on most podcasting services.  You can email us at or find us on Twitter @weeklygameschat.


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