TV: The Wait is Almost Over! Check out the ‘Atlanta’ Season Two Trailer!

Atlanta fans rejoice, as season two  marks its return to FX on March 1st! The series debuted in 2016 but production delays with recent Emmy Award Winning Donald Glover’s busy schedule took something of a toll. Aside from Atlanta the actor/director is starring as Simba in Disney’s latest adaptation of The Lion King and Lando in Han Solo’s standalone Star Wars movie. With all of these delays finally accounted for and production of the show ready to deliver, what can we expect from the critically acclaimed show? Not sure, but it seems darker than the previous season.

The trailer for Atlanta is called “Spotlight” and in it you’ll see the cast traveling through scenes of clubs and streets with a beam of light following them as they move. A subtitle of “Robbin Season” is shown in the mix, which in regards to the “streets” indicates the time of year that burglaries and theft are more likely to occur. Usually around Christmas.

Looks like this season could get even more gritty in 2018.

Check out the trailer below:




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