PWP Ep. 35.5 Deep Dive – It’s Never Too Late to Change the Plan to Pilot Your Career, the Player Way

With all the money film studios put on the line with comic adaptations, at times it’s shocking to see the chess moves they make in the market, sometimes on the fly to get the audience reaction they want – true it’s risky, but no risk means no reward. BK enlists the help of a long time colleague Director of Photography and Pilot, Michael Robertson to discuss how you can take the parallels of big budget films and apply them to your own career.

Sponsored by The Play Your Way Network & The 562 Podcast (@562comics on IG)Recorded in a single take from Los Angeles (CA), Dallas (TX), and Atlanta (GA)by Nathan Petersen, Derreck Lewis and BK Jackson with Darren Marlar as “The Movie Trailer Voice Guy”Our Opening Theme is titled “Bound” by Ricky Remedy courtesy of Elysian Recordsand our closing theme is titled “Coconut King Diaries” by Zahnder. You can find music by both Ricky Remedy and Zahnder on SoundCloud.And remember, no matter what choices you make or paths you follow – just make sure you do it the player way. Thanks for listening to The Player Way Podcast and see you next week!

Listen below, click here on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, YouTube, TuneIn and several other sites:



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