BUSINESS: Twitter is being sued by TWiT for trademark infringement

On Tuesday, January 16th TWiT, also known as This Week in Tech, filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Twitter. For those that don’t know TWiT is a podcasting network created in 2005 by Leo Laporte. It mainly focuses on technology, but has shows that cater to many different crowds. For a long time TWiT and Twitter agreed to leave things alone because the two companies catered to different audiences. Now that Twitter has been dipping it’s toes into the multimedia side of things TWiT has decided that there is too much confusion between the two companies, and wants Twitter to pay up.

The good news is that this likely isn’t going to have any impact on how you use Twitter now, or in the future. It looks as though TWiT and Twitter have been in talks for a while, and will be likely to settle this case fairly easily. The one thing that may change? You may see all the video and photos you upload to the site have a different url. If you want to learn more details about the case, the video above will lay out more of the fine points, and provide insights from a lawyer about what is really going on.

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