NEWS: Bitcoin Finally Dropped in Value – But Don’t Count It Out Just Yet

What goes up, must come down, or nah?

As i channel inner Sir Issac Newton if he was a millennial brother, I’m sure we are all aware of the crypto-currency craze as of lately that is Bitcoin. The interwebs have been filled with various people looking to make a quick investment, hoping for some great return in such. Well, as the stock market and any other investment where returns are variable, there is eventually some downfall and risk of investment loss.

This week, the price for a bitcoin has dropped from a little shy of 20k per bitcoin, to about 11.8k in a week. Mind you if you were one of of the originals that bought into bitcoin prior to its rise, you’re probably not too bothered. Regardless if you see bitcoin as a method of financial investment, an untraceable currency will most likely be the future.

Lets face it: People love the idea of Bitcoin but fear its collapse; which is asinine as it doesn’t follow the same investment standards as the Stock Exchange. 

I haven’t thought to hop aboard the train as of yet, but I will tell you, i noticed the drop in value coming marginally due to the holiday season and people looking to cash out on their investments while  they still have a marginal amount of money to gain from it. Also, lets not forget that bitcoin is a method of trackless purchasing, and until it can be regulated (which i’m sure is being discussed by multiple governments), it is the dark web’s best friend and a pain in the ass for financial audit.

Bitcoin is NOT money, it is simply a protocol. The value will retain beyond real world currencies as it does not play in the same monetary regard. If you consider inflation of multicultural currency systems rising year by year, this ensures bitcoin as a nest egg for financial newbies looking to invest in something more stable than the stock exchange.

To think, buying 50 dollars in Bitcoin about a year or two ago would be more than enough to retire on at this point of growth. I guess the movie Dope was right on the money.

If you’re looking to get started, I suggest checking out Coinbase and getting some small investments going. If you are currently investing in Bitcoin and have thoughts/questions or feedback, comment below and lets talk about it, The Player Way!




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