Film – Netflix’s Bright shines in spite of it’s overly critical reception and overblown marketing

You’ve heard a lot of reactions to the marketing (even on our podcast), but Bright is finally here. Here’s what you need to know:

The Good – actually decent writing with a strong supporting cast and good cgi. Action scenes are entertaining and the comedy works. The characters make sense in a nonsensical premise. The lore/mythos is interesting if you are a fan of the fantasy genre.

The Bad – the film stumbles a bit in the first 1/3 as you try to wonder why you are watching it other than it being “a Will Smith feature.” The setup is sloppy and Will Smith’s style of acting is a bit distracting.

The Bottom Line: the critic’s reaction #Bright on #Netflix represents a collective groan from an audience that is a little fatigued with Will Smith’s brand of acting. However the truth is, after watching, actually not a bad film. In my opinion it was over marketed (obviously because the casting). A refreshing concept that suffers due to casting and too high expectations (a trend that is all too common these days). In the end, Nathan Petersen was right, it’s better than Justice League. But that’s not saying much. As Derreck Lewis advises, make up your own mind and watch the film. My final take: if you can get past the silliness of the premise (and it IS quite fantastical) and take it as seriously as the filmmakers want you to, you’ll have just enough fun to justify the time spent.


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