FILM – Roundtable Play Your Way Network Staff #1 Film of 2017

Alongside yesterday’s podcast we asked the Play Your Way Network Staff to tell us about their #1 film of 2017. Below will be everyone’s thoughts, and a good suggestion on how you can put a close to 2017 the player way.

BK @playlifeyourway (Instagram)

For me, War For The Planet of the Apes was the best of 2017 as it represented both the pattern of franchise, adaptation from older source material, while also bringing award nomination worthy acting and original story telling. The CGI alone should get an Oscar nod. To tell a compelling story with older source material, rejuvenate a franchise that a younger audience is out of touch with and also make you forget that you are watching fiction is no small feat. Easily in the top 5, if not the best film of 2017.

War For The Planet of the Apes Domestic Box Office – $146,880,162

Derreck @CorruptingTheSystem (Instagram)

Top movie for me is IT. As a fan of the cringing yet unnerving original, I loved this in every way. I was entertained by a great story, wowed with visual effects and engaged in the movie the ENTIRE time. They told the story better than the first and I eagerly await part 2.

IT domestic Box Office – $327,481,748


It was the breakout thriller of 2017. When everyone was looking forward to the second season of Stranger Things, IT came along and gave everyone an early taste of that formula on the big screen. With great chemistry from the child stars, this movie gave you laughs, scares and thrills. Tim Curry was Pennywise in the minds of fans for years. However, Bill Skarsgard’s portrayal of the sadistic clown was fresh and new. It was far away the breakout performance of the year. Don’t miss this fun flick!

IT domestic Box Office – $327,481,748

Darius @trendycosplayer (Instagram)

Get out was one of my favorite movies of 2017, and for some it seems atypical. My reason for it being my favorite of the year stems from it being filled with subtle micro aggressions that would seem normal for some, but blatant and “scary” for others, which really adds to the psychological thriller aspect. I always catch something new when I rewatch it that I otherwise wouldn’t have noticed. It was a great change in pace in a time where horror movies were beginning to decline with redundancy, proving that there are other aspects of “fear” that could make for a favorable film.

Get Out domestic Box Office – $175,484,140


Dunkirk is film making at its finest. Chris Nolan is a master at his craft. He’s very atmospheric in conveying the horrors of war. With minimal dialogue he opts to use sound and the emotion coming from the actors. From start to finish, it’s a very humbling experience. Brilliantly acted with another great score from Hans Zimmer. This was my pick for movie of the year.

Dunkirk domestic Box Office – $188,373,161


Guardians 2 easily takes the cake for best movie of 2017 for me. Not only was it the perfect balance of comedy, action, suspense and drama; but each of those aspects were expertly crafted to create a very genuine experience for me. I spent most of the time laughing, which made it so much more intense when the mood shifted to “serious.” I also felt really connected to Starlord’s relationship with his father. I’ve always been very close with my father, so when the truth was revealed, the pain you could see in his face- felt real to me. Talk about great acting and generating an emotional response! I found myself caring about the characters and what seemed to be the recurring theme of their respective “family dysfunctions.” Even the villains had their motives explained; which lead me to a sense of understanding for their actions and making it harder for me to hate them for said actions. Guardians 2 is easily the best movie in the MCU to date if you ask me.

GOTG 2 domestic Box Office – $389,813,101

Alex @AlexDMaldo (Twitter)

Lady Bird was, without a doubt, the best movie of 2017 for me. It’s the type of slice-of-life, and coming of age film that you rarely get excited for. The direction and writing is some of the best seen, and the actors make those roles feel truly human. Every character has flaws, and Greta Gerwig does a phenomenal job to subvert the audience when you think it’s about to do the same tropes the same way. This is a movie that probably flew under the radar for most, but is a work of art that you’ll want to return back to over and over.

Lady Bird domestic Box Office – $27,300,818


It’s a close call. But I have to take Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 slightly over Thor Ragnarok. GotG. Vol 2 showed that the bond between the group was there but still fragile. It was still the most humorous marvel movie but it wasn’t as cheesy as Thor 3 was. Thor was trying too hard in my opinion (still a fantastic movie and I love it). I also love it because there were moments that were actually sad and would tear at your heart strings but then do something that would make you smile and pick you back up. But the most interesting in my opinion was the fact that it help set up phase 4 with the Adam Warlock Easter egg. Can’t wait for his character to join the fray.

GOTG 2 domestic Box Office – $389,813,101


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