TV: VRV – the best streaming service you’ve never heard of

At this point we’re all familiar with streaming content on our computers, phones, and televisions. Netflix has more subscribers in the US than cable, at this point, and there are also big players in Amazon, Hulu, and HBO. This brings us to VRV. VRV was created last year by the group that controls Crunchyroll (the anime streaming app). This may lead you to think that VRV is just another app for your anime needs, but this is where it gets interesting.

VRV is an aggregate network with multiple channels that all compliment each-other well. You have the option to use VRV for free, with a limited selection of content and ads, but the best value is what VRV calls their “combo pack”. For $10 a month you get access to every channel VRV has to offer completely ad free. To put this in perspective, Crunchyroll Premium costs users $6 per month. So for $4 more per month you get access to Crunchyroll Premium, along with Funimation, Shudder, Tested, Rooster Teeth, and more.

And while you may not be interested in everything VRV has to offer, you don’t have to! This is what benefits large libraries and a variety of content. VRV has found a way to fill niches that aren’t currently filled by the big boys, while also offering a variety that isn’t offered by similarly sized and priced services.

If you’re a fan or subscriber to any of these channels alone already, or are just interested in checking out what’s all on the offering plate, VRV does allow a free 30 day trial to all new users. I definitely suggest you give it a look.


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