GAMES: Kingdom Hearts III-The Wait is Almost Over

15 years ago. Imagine what you were doing then. Back in 2002, the world was introduced to the commercial and critical success that, at the time of its release in North America became one of the highest selling video games of all time. Originally developed by Squaresoft-now Square Enix-and published by Disney interactive, Kingdom Hearts started a franchise that has spanned several titles and multiple platforms. All of the main titles of the series received high ratings. Now back to the main subject. KHIII has been on the radar for years. When I say years I mean fans have been wanting and anticipating this title in the series since 2005 since the release of Kingdom Hearts II.

Image result for kingdom hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts III is said to be the final chapter in the critically acclaimed franchise. As with each of the main KH titles new worlds will be added and fan favorites will be returning. New additions include the Kingdom of Corona from Tangled, Big Hero 6, and quite possibly the most anticipated of them all, Toy Story; although the new Disney properties were also being considered (i.e. Star Wars and Marvel).

According to developers gameplay will by altered slightly but look to be improved upon to make the game “flow” better. KHIII has been developed and built with Unreal Engine 4 so visuals have made leaps and bounds from previous titles. The anticipation is haunting all of us but just keep your keyblade sheathed for just a bit longer. The decade-long wait is almost over. Second or third quarter of 2018 is the anticipated timeframe of delivery for KHIII. Are you ready?

Let us know what your favorite Kingdom Hearts title was!


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