PODCAST: Weekly Movie Chat Ep 3 – Have Filmmakers Lost the Art of Authenticity?

Your resident podcast dj BK decides to take the lead in ushering the podcast team into the next era clarifying the mission of Weekly Movie Chat. Derreck agrees that this new mission and vision corrupts the system in the most player way possible and James the producer is there to assist.

This week, BK and Derreck weave in the headlines of the box office in order to help you, the listener, gain power over the BS and make your time and dollar act in your desired manner. Topics include:

  • Current Box Office Standings
  • Netflix Top 5 Series of All Time (written by @ipar31 – Ian Robert Parsons)
  • “The Nun” Spoiler Review
  • Discussion: Have Filmmakers Lost the Art of Authenticity? Part One
  • The Predator Production Woes and Critical Reception
  • September’s Box Office Hustlers (written by @jameison320 – James Turner)

What you can expect from here is nothing but the finest film news, industry debate and movie reviews, all in an hour housed and hosted at the Play Your Way Network!


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