Theory: DMC5’s villain and what it could mean for the series

Attention internet friends and DMC fanatics alike: we have to talk about the latest DMC5 trailer to hit the scene and my storyline theory about what’s going on in the latest installment to both the series over all and the most recent chronologically; but before we can do that, educate yourselves if you haven’t already:

Okay, now that we’re all on the same page, let’s talk about what I think is going on here. This theory will be very similar to the GOW article I posted, so I have not done any research into the story, whether certain details have been confirmed or not, etc. This theory is just speculation from a fan, for other fans. Alright, let’s rock baby!

Jumping right in-

Dante’s been MIA for awhile now and in true Dante fashion, it’s going to take something big for him to show his face again. What’s that something? Clearly this new villain we have; but who is this new villain? In one short answer: I think it’s Vergil. Corrupted Vergil, of course; but still Vergil nonetheless. He’s about the right height and just as savage as evident from the trailer. I mean, did you see this “hooded figure” RIP THE ARM OFF OF NERO like he was a nobody? DAMN! I hear you now, internet. “ Nero is basically nobody. Even the developers confirmed he wasn’t anyone of consideration, really. Well I’m here to tell you that we’ve been bamboozled. It’s so obvious that Nero clearly shares the bloodline of Sparda. If you need further proof- no only does he handle Yamato with ease, but if memory serves, Dante says something to the effect of “we gotta keep it in the family” when turning possession over to Nero in DMC4.

So here’s my theory:

Corrupted Vergil has found a way to uncorrupt himself, but needs Yamato to do it. He seeks out Nero, son of Vergil, nephew of Dante because he currently has possession of Yamato, which lives within Nero’s devilbringer hand. Vergil tips the arm off to regain control. Dante comes out of the shadows to face Vergil and finally bring a 100% logical ending to the series.

After the critical failure of the attempted reboot, DmC. This feels like the natural next step to satisfy fans of the series and finally close the book on the twin sons of Sparda; but only time will tell if this theory will ring true and when the game finally drops, The Player Way will have all the cold, hard facts right to your fingertips. Until then, keep slayin’ and never lose that Dante attitude.


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