GAMES: Fury’s Release Date is Set! Plus Collector’s and Apocalypse Editions!

Finally, the biggest news for the Darksiders franchise’s fans was announced today! The newest installment by THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games is Darksiders III. Darksiders III is set to release this November 27 for XBOX ONE, PS4, and PC for the standard price tag of $59.99.

Yes, that’s right, there is more! Not only did they announce the release date for the game but also two different collector’s editions.

The first is Darksiders III: Collector’s Edition. At the price of $149.99 this includes: The game itself, plus a figurine of Fury herself that’s 11-inches tall, a premium box, an artbook and a steelbook, game soundtrack and exclusive armor DLC which is purely cosmetic, but hey who’s complaining.

The other is the Apocalypse Edition. At the price of a console itself it should have some pretty awesome stuff right?! Well, that’s in the eyes of the beholder. This furiously(Ha!) high-priced edition at $399.99 includes all of the regular and Collector’s Edition contents plus it’s own premium box(which is undoubtedly hellishly cool), 30″x40″ wall scroll to hang, a 2-inch heavyweight amulet complete with necklace three more figurines of Death, War, and Vulgrim all 10-inches tall.

Not a bad three options to choose from but honestly, I’m just excited for the game to finally be here!

Check out the cool videos below!


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