Film: MoviePass Rolls Out their Brand’s Savior “Peak Pricing”

Filmgoing game-changer, MoviePass finally rolls out how their newest initiative “Peak Pricing” will work, hoping to save the diminishing returns of the ever popular subscription service. In the wake of Marvel Infinity War, a movie that literally made MoviePass rewrite how their service worked, the budget friendly movie ticket subscription service announced shortly thereafter that there were changes coming.

If you are into movies like we at Play Your Way Network, then you agree there’s nothing like going to an afternoon theater showing of your favorite film after a hard day’s work. The problem that MoviePass faces however, if everyone in their service is a high volume user like us, then they will go bankrupt inside of 2-3 years. Enter Peak Pricing.

Here’s what subscribers got in their emailboxes today:

At MoviePass, we are committed to enhancing the moviegoing experience. As we continue to blaze past three million loyal subscribers, our promise to you is to provide the most affordable service for everyone.

As we shared with you a couple of weeks ago, the evolution of our product –which begins to roll out today – is centered upon a demand-based pricing system for movies and showtimes.

Here’s the rundown of the process:

Peak Pricing goes into effect when there’s high demand for a movie or showtime. You may be asked to pay a small additional fee depending on the level of demand. You can avoid the surcharge by selecting a different showtime or movie. Over the coming weeks we’ll also be introducing Peak Pass, which will allow you to waive one peak fee per month.

The red icon (above) indicates that a specific showtime is in Peak Pricing and there will be an added fee.

The grey icon (above) indicates that a showtime does NOT yet have an added fee, but is growing in demand and could enter Peak Pricing soon.

If you’ve selected a showtime in Peak Pricing, you’ll see a confirmation screen with details on the surcharge. After you submit, you can check in to your movie and your card on file will be charged. You can always change your card on file by clicking “Edit payment method.”

Note: the actual Peak Pricing surcharge will vary based on showtime and movie title.

So as you can see, MoviePass is thankfully making changes to keep their budget friendly service sustainable and lasting. Their impact has already been qualified as a success by AMC answering with their own membership service that includes IMAX and 3D title reservation.If you like this story, please share and we’ll keep you up to date on this and more entertainment news!


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