Games: EA Press Conference Round-up

More Content for Star Wars Battlefront II

Battlefront II, the game most riddled with the loot box controversy, will be getting huge expansions with material from the Clone Wars.  This update will include playable versions of Anakin Skywalker, Count Dooku, General Grievous and Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Coming on June 12, the Solo expansion will feature environments on Kessel and a new starfighter mode.

Respawn Developing New Star Wars Title

Titanfall developer Respawn, in an odd reveal, announced that a new Star Wars game is in develpment at their studio.  The game is tentatively titled Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and will take place between Episode III and IV.

Unravel Two

In a surprise move, Unravel 2 made its debut on the EA Stage with some notable differences.  While is still has the adorable aesthetic, another Yarny has been added to the gameplay.  You can play in single player mode and operate both characters to work together, or you can play with a friend.  The best news about this is that it is was immediately released after the announcement.  Love it when they do that!

Battlefield V will Feature Battle Royale

It has been previously speculated that Battlefield V would feature the addition of a Battle Royale mode.  The confirmation was made at the EA press conference.  No true details were made regarding this addition but information down the road was promised.  I wonder if Battle Royale will make it to the release date of the game.

Sea of Solitude

EA has teamed up to publish and Indie game called Sea of Solitude.  A new trailer was released at the EA Press Conference and the content looked to be quite compelling.  One of the core themes is that “when humans get too lonely, they turn into monsters”.  This is meant literally has you play as Kay who has turned into one.  Kay must explore the world around her to find others like herself.  The game is set for release in early 2019 and it looks great.


The game that most people tuned in to see more of was most certainly Anthem.  Most importantly, the game is set to be released on February 22, 2019 (look out Days Gone).  The game is a shared-world role-playing game set in a hostile future, where players take on the role of soldiers in armor suits called “javelins”.  The presentation for this game and the demo shown did not disappoint.  The game looks to combine the co-op style of Destiny and the lore and character driven worlds that BioWare is known for.

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