FILM/TV: Weekly Top 5 – Best Actors (Male and/or Female) of All Time

Boys and girls, you already know! Welcome back to another release of the Weekly Top 5! This round we continue with the Film theme as we curate this week’s list: The Top 5 Actors of All Time. This list includes both male and female counterparts and ranks them among the best of the best.

Special thanks to Ian Parsons, Senior Writer for the Top 5 Podcast. He worked diligently with the Play Your Way Network Writing team and came up with an expansice list of silver-screen thespians to help us narrow down the search. Also special thanks to Ian “Wolf” Townsend, John Barron “Bink” Binkle, Larry “J.R.” Lewis, Nathan Petersen and the rest of the team for providing the raw material to create a fun and informative podcast. Listen up for their picks in the podcast!!

Derreck and BK have done an amazing job presenting the facts and figures. So listen up and get more detail in the podcast….the player way



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