The Infinity Stone Workout

Here we are folks, the time has finally come. What could easily be the most anticipated movie of 2018 finally drops this Friday, April 27th and I am of course referring to what’s sure to be an absolutely amazing feast for the senses, Avengers: Infinity War. Now, I don’t know about you, but seeing Thanos up on the big screen makes him out to be a formidable foe. His stature alone is very much larger than life and it’s easy to see why he’s so intimidating to literally everyone he crosses paths with and from what we’ve seen in trailers, Thanos is stacking up to be a true menace.

BUT LISTEN UP, INTERNET! There’s still hope.

Thanos isn’t here yet and our beloved avengers are going to need every bit of help they can find to save the world this time. That means we ALL have a role to play in the battle for our world and the responsibility to help defend it. Luckily, I’m always watching our for ya and I’m going to show you how to get ready for the fight against Thanos, THE PLAYER WAY with The Infinity Stone Workout Plan.

A real gym will be required.

It will be hard.

You will sweat.

You will hurt.

You will want to quit, but you won’t.

You will not be defeated.

You will conquer.

Time to shape up, so let’s get it.


• This workout plan is considered advanced and there will be a lot of complex movements. If you need clarification on how to do the lift, Google can help you out.

• Each set is meant to be a completion of rep ranges. It’s your responsibility to push yourself as hard as you safely can to figure out what weights you need.

• You’re only cheating yourself by not pushing yourself. You’re already here, so put the work in to make the time count.

• If you happen to over shoot your weight and find yourself failing before the reps are done, don’t worry, it happens. Take a second to catch your breath, maybe go down 5lbs to get the rest; but no matter how you decide to handle it, just make sure you GIVE ME MY GODDAMN REPS, INTERNET!

• As always: Get a good, full body stretch in before you start lifting. Make sure you’re stretching ALL parts of your body daily. This will help with soreness and muscle aches. Come on, guys. This is day one stuff.

SPACE STONE (Back day):

• Bent over T-bar rows w/ close grip

⁃ 2 sets x 25 reps

⁃ 2 sets x 15 reps

⁃ 1 set x 10

• Wide grip Low Rows(pulley)

***cascading set- start heavy for 10 reps, drop weight for add’l 10 reps, drop for final 10 reps = 1 set***

⁃ x 3 sets

• Alternating Pull-ups

⁃ 2 set x 10 wide grip

⁃ 2 sets x 10 close grip

***alternate between hand placements every set***

• Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns

⁃ 2 sets x 25 (behind head)

⁃ 2 sets x 25 (front of head)

• Bicep Rope Curls

⁃ 1 set x 100 hard reps


• push ups

⁃ 2 sets x 25 (standard)

⁃ 2 sets x 20 ( feet above chest)

⁃ 2 sets x 5 – (8 weighted/ banded)

• Declined bench press

⁃ 2 sets x 12 (slow reps 3-1-3)

⁃ 2 sets x 6 ( strict form)

• Inclined Dumbbell press

⁃ 1 set x 30

⁃ 1 set x 10

⁃ 1 set x 25

⁃ 1 set x 8

⁃ 1 set x 20

• Chest Fly- Circuit

• Variations: high to low (lower chest), low to high (upper chest), middle.

⁃ x 4 circuits as quickly as possible

• Tricep Rope Pulldowns

⁃ 1 set x 100 hard reps


• Quad Extensions

⁃ 2 sets x 15

⁃ 2 sets x 25

***Done as quickly as possible***

• Lying Hamstring Curls

⁃ 2 sets x 15

⁃ 2 sets x 25

***Done as quickly as possible***

• Back Squats

⁃ 2 sets x 10

⁃ 2 sets x 8

⁃ 2 sets x 15

• Walking Bodyweight Lunges

⁃ 4 sets x 25 paces

• Stair Stepper Machine

⁃ Slower pace x 35 mins


***Superset means to do one after the other before resting***

• EZ Bar Bicep curls Supersetted w/ dumbbell Hammer Curls

⁃ 4 sets x 25 EZ Curls & 10 Hammer

• Triangle Tricep pushdowns Supersetted w/ Tricep Dips

⁃ 4 sets x 25 push downs & 25 Dips

• Close Grip Bicep Curls (pulley)

⁃ 4 sets x 8-12 (slow)

• Above head Tricep Extensions

⁃ 4 sets x 15 (slow)

TIME STONE (Shoulders Day)

• Seated Shoulder Press

⁃ 2 sets x 25

⁃ 2 sets x 8

⁃ 2 sets x 15

• Upright Rows

⁃ 2 sets x 25 (wide)

⁃ 2 sets x 25 (close)

• Face Pulls (Above Head)

⁃ 4 sets of 12

• Dumbbell Delt Circuit

• Variations: Side Lat raise, Front Delt Raise, Bent Over Rear Delt flys

⁃ 4 sets x 15-20 hard reps

• Run fast 1/2 mile

MIND STONE (Accessory Day)

*** Congrats, you’ve hit all 5 major muscle groups, so today we do accessory work, abs and cardio***

• Forearms

⁃ 2 sets x 25 (top)

⁃ 2 sets x 25 (bottom)

• Heavy dumbbell Shrugs

⁃ 4 sets x 25 (slow, squeezed reps)

• Calf Raises

⁃ 4 sets x 25 bodyweight, or weighted if you prefer

• Ab Roller

⁃ x 8 sets of 25

• 2 Tabata cardio sessions of your choice


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