#MOTIVATIONMONDAY: Stay Motivated || Feed the Beast Inside

Motivation is a funny thing. There are times when I am motivated to wake up at 5am and pursue my dreams like a runaway freight train. Then, there are other times when I just want to sleep in and set aside any potential progress towards my dreams for a later date or time. I believe this happens to most of us trying to create a better tomorrow for ourselves and those who count on us. This is natural. While passions themselves never truly die, the fountain from which they are sourced often ebb and flow. But what if it gets to become more serious? I mean, what about that “funk”, that “rut”, that spiritual doldrum you might feel inside that has brought your hopes and dreams to a halt?


Never Give Up.

I believe we all must refuel. Cars, planes, and runaway freight trains all need it – fuel. Some type of energy source that keeps them going. We humans need it too. We must feed the beast inside – our passions – with something greater than a desire to do what we said we would do yesterday. We must take a moment to look away from the superficial things around us that may project a false narrative of who we are, and look towards the true reflection of our inner beauty. It is biblical. Im talking about an unbreakable spirit. It is all around us, if we look. It is nature’s way. The cycle of seasons, a regenerating flower that has been pruned, and the return of the rising sun after a period of darkness. It is the stuff movies are made of.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 7.56.34 AM

Every once in a while, I will watch a movie that reminds me of the undying human spirit we were given. I also set aside time to read my bible and go to church to hear a message that challenges and recharges me. Every once in a while I will revisit a motivational video like this one. There is a reason this motivational montage has over 30 million views. Perhaps you have seen it.

Stay motivated, stay encouraged, and stay hungry. Know that you can achieve great things beyond what you ever thought possible. Best wishes on your journey.

                                                                                                                        – Capt. Mike Rob’




I will return to my regular format next time. Be sure to catch my future posts every other #MOTIVATIONMONDAY on Play Your Way Network. It will contain more photos, video updates, and personal insights as I strive towards making my dreams a reality.

Thank you for reading along and following my journey, as YOU Trek 2 Greatness!


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