TV: Netflix’s “FASTEST CAR: Supercars VS. Average Joes”

Amidst all of the original programming that Netflix offers, what has been missing is a show that serves the audiences of Top Gear (BBC), The Grand Tour (Amazon), and Counting Cars (History) – a demographic that I personally fit in. Well finally the God of Many Shows has finally smiled on us as the sexiness of the Lamborghini, the roar of Viper ACR, and the speed of the Ford GT are a few of the top attention grabbing vehicles featured on Netflix’s “FASTEST CAR” which premiered on April 6th and it is delicious!

If that description fits you like Toucan Sam to a bowl of his favorite assortment of flavors, then follow your nose, hop in the seat with me and let’s RIDE!


As the show warns in its promos, “money can’t always buy you speed,” but sometimes it might buy you a one way ticket to glory as the premise is each episode revolves around true gearheads who have created their own ‘sleeper car’ (which involves an average car filled with elbow grease and beefed up) and they are putting their street cred up for debate. In the other corner you have a ‘SuperCar’ being the result of thousands of hours of engineering, precision construction and immaculate design, driven by the usual drivers of such vehicles (*cough cough* *BLINKERS*).


You meet an interesting cadre of characters and get some background on where they are from, what they drive and how they got to this point to put their cred on the line and take on these engineering masterpieces. While the series progresses, the winner of each episode obtains a chance at bragging rights. Yes…just bragging right. And by “just bragging rights” I mean proof that their engineering and curation of mechanism is superior to each vehicle and driver they defeat as they move on to the semifinals and beyond.


As you get to know each and every character you are reminded that Winning is winning and it STILL doesn’t matter if it is an inch or a mile because this will have you anxiously awaiting each climatic race. Good thing is that “FASTEST CAR” isn’t only geared (See what I did there??) for the male in the house, is good for the gander and the goose as I was able to lure my significant other into this show as well. Binge worthy, seasoned with some drama, ridiculously incredible machines plus racing, need I say more?

Fastest Car


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