TV: The Play Your Way Network’s Top 5 Television Sitcoms of All Time (Writer’s Choice)

Come one, come all! Ladies, Gentlemen and everyone in between, thank you so much. “What for?”, you may ask, well thanks to our fans we have hit special milestone of 1000 followers on Facebook! Moving along to why you came here though: Welcome to another edition of the Play Your Way Network’s Writer’s Choice Countdown list as part of the countdown series leading up to episode 50 of the Player Way Podcast. Here a quick overview, observe the viewing globe:

Last week we did TV’s best drama series’. So this week it’s only fitting that we do TV’s best sitcoms! This is going to be fun. So without further delay let’s get to our honorable mentions(HM). In no particular order:

HM #1: A Different World (NBC-ended 1993)

HM #2: That 70’s Show (FOX-ended 2006)

HM #3: M.A.S.H. (CBS-ended 1983)

HM #4: The Office (U.S.), (NBC-ended 2013)

HM #5: Parks and Recreation (NBC-ended 2015)

And the moment you’ve been waiting for, but not that long:

#5. How I Met Your Mother

It’s hard not to enjoy a show where the grown ups act just like your chill friends from the “good ol’ days”. It’s not a bad thing but when you’re done watching the series you start to think to yourself that it took 9 seasons for Ted Mosby to explain one simple thing-how he met his kids’ mother. The comedy is outstanding and with a great cast to execute it there’s no reason this show shouldn’t be on anyone’s list.

#4. Friends

This is the sitcom that earned Jennifer Aniston a Primetime Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Aside from her now impressive resume, the cast of Friends was almost nigh-unstoppable when it came to putting smiles on our faces week in and week out with what is probably one of the best sitcoms to ever be produced.

#3. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

You already know. I remember watching this fantastic show every week when I was a kid. Will Smith put himself in the driver seat of his career after helping not only act in but also produce this series. The best thing about it is that it helps remind us that even some of life’s simplest pleasures can’t be bought. It only ran for six years from 1990-1996 but that was more than enough time to earn itself on our list.

#2. Scrubs

Ok, I won’t lie to anyone. Scrubs is without a doubt one of the greatest sitcoms ever conceived. I may be biased considering it’s number one on my personal list but hey this is a list made up of multiple writers here at the PYW Network and I like to be a team player. The simple fact is that Scrubs was ahead of its time. Yeah I said it. Not only was it a comedy about a bunch of interns trying to become full-fledged doctors but it employed the realism of a teaching hospital and the strange accuracy of how a teaching hospital can be. One of the greatest. No question. If you would like to rewatch the series or check it out for the first time, Hulu is the place to get it.

#1. Seinfeld

And the winner is the Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David dubbed “The Show About Nothing.” The standup Seinfeld stars(as himself) in this quirky comedy series which was in and of itself ground breaking. If that’s not a good start, try this: toward the end of the series Jerry actually pitches the premise of this show to NBC – CRAZY! This show was so simplistic in nature as it discussed everyday thoughts and situations that most people can relate to. From Krazy Kramer (I know, this time I used the ‘K’ on purpose) all the way to the more level-headed Jerry, you can always find something to smile about with Seinfeld. And FYI, George Castanza is actually supposed to be Larry David – which spawned studios to wonder what it would be like to give David his own show: thus Curb Your Enthusiasm was born (a spiritual spinoff to Seinfeld on HBO)

Thanks for joining us! We’ll see you next time. And always Play Life Your Way!


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