Games: Spider-Man Details and Release Date

People, I am so thrilled to announce that Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man has a release date of September 7, 2018.  Pre-orders are open now.  The developer also has released details on the DLC that will be available in three parts.  The campaign will be called Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps.

A Digital Deluxe Edition will be available for the US and Canada that will come with the game, Season Pass, and a pin of Spider-Man.  The Collector’s Edition will be available in all countries and will include a steelbook case, mini artbook and a statue of Spider-Man, which will be difficult for your humble writer to resist.

Finally, all Pre-orders of any edition will come with three extra Spider-Man suits.

What remains to be seen is if Insomniac can live up to the promise of creating a vast, busy, and vibrant open world for your friendly neighborhood wall crawler to get lost in.  I have a lot of faith in this developer, but time will tell.  One thing is for sure, the footage will get any fan of video games hyped.



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