FITNESS: Get Ripped Like Killmonger – Workout and Diet Tips to Get Those Gains

So assuming that we all have seen Black Panther by now, you know that this cast was a very well put together and aesthetically well dimensional cast. T’Challa, the newly crowned king of Wakanda commanded attention with a lean, but ripped physique, appearing as if he drinks Diet Vibranium shakes in the morning just to watch his calories. T’Challa’s physique was impressive, but let’s not forget the sea of gasps and broken retainers by teen girls and grown ass women as Erik Killmonger removed his shirt and boldly challenged the newfound king. We all were rooting for T’Challa but secretly we knew that Killmonger was that dude.

It was like watching Justice League with your girl all over again and hitting that glance across to her seat as Jason Momoa stood there shirtless….basically the entire movie, you turn around and she looking at the IMAX screen like this…

giphy (1).gif

Its cool though, luckily as a workout aficionado I’m pretty well versed in body sculpting and how to bring out the best qualities of your physique. With a little reiteration from, I’ll be listing a couple of workout tips to engage muscle growth in the span of 8-10 weeks to get you the body that vibranium can’t buy.

Getting Prepared

BREATHE, STRETCH, SHAKE: You’ll want to warm up with some arm /shoulder stretches for a energetic pump and blood flow. I’d also advise getting a spotter to make sure you get the most out of your reps, and before doing any heavy lifting, gauge what you feel you’d be able to rep in the curriculum below. These reps are meant to burn you out, yet also promote growth. Also, a spotter will give you assistance getting that last rep.

GET THE ESSENTIALS: Prepare your gym bag, which should have pre-workout and post workout powder, and a protein shake for after the gym (unless you’re eating immediately after working out).  If you have questions on the best supplements for you be sure to relay those to a nutritionist. Also have some wireless headphones handy so you can bump your favorite tunes while getting your pump on, and it helps to either write down your workouts or get a fitness app that guides you through each set.

Also, the workouts below are a combination of barbell and machine/ body weight only exercises. Work out at a comfortable level while also utilizing resistance. If its TOO light, go up a notch, if its at an extreme difficulty to just get one or two reps, drop some weight.

Workout 1: Tri’s, Shoulder, Chest 

Exercise Sets Reps
1. Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 4 12, 10, 8, 8
2. Dumbbell Fly 3 12
3. Machine Shoulder Press 4 12, 12, 10×2
4. Lateral Raise 3 12, 10, 10
5. Dumbbell Shrug 3 12
6. (Weighted) Dip 3 12, 10, 8
7. Skullcrusher 2 12, 10

Pro-Tip: Don’t lift with your back. If the weight feels too light, go up a bit; if its overtly heavy, take it down a notch to avoid injury.

Workout 2: Legs/Core

Exercise Sets Reps
1. Barbell Squat 4 12, 10, 8, 8
2. Leg Press 3 12
3. Leg Curl 3 12, 10, 10
4. Leg Extension 3 12, 10, 10
5. Standing Machine Calf Raise 3 15-20
6. Seated Calf Raise 3 15-20
7. Plank 3 20 Secs
8. Decline Sit Up 3 12-15
9. Hanging Leg Raise 3 12-15

Pro-Tip(s): Cardio between each set would be preferred, just to continue engagement of muscle stimulation and growth in the legs. This helps reinforce muscle groups that were already worked.

Also, if you’re squatting or deadlifting with arched shoes, you may hurt your back. Try to get flat shoes like Van’s or Chuck Taylors to achieve a clean, even lift.

Workout 3: Back/Lats/Bi’s/Shoulders

Exercise Sets Reps
1. Lat Pull Down 4 12, 12, 10, 10
2. T-Bar Row 4 12, 10, 8, 8
3. (Weighted) Pull Up 3 12, 10, 8
4. Underhand Barbell Row 3 12, 10, 8
5. Hyper-extension 3 12-15
6. Barbell Curl 3 12, 10, 8
7. Hammer Curl 3 12

Pro-Tip: No half reps, especially on curls and pull ups. The way to the top is what gets most of your resistance. 

Workout 4: Abs and Core Strengthening  (Rest Day)

Exercise Sets Reps
1. Sit Up 3 15-20
2. Plank 3 20 Secs
3. Side Plank 3 20 Secs (Each)
4. Bicycle Crunch 3 10 (Each)
5. Flutter Kicks 3 15 (Each)

Pro-Tip: Day 4 would classify as a rest day, however you can use this time to engage your core with some body weight exercises when you have time. If you’re sore from workout 1-3, you’ll likely want to wait out a full day and engage this workout after the rest of the soreness subsides. 

Food and Intake

If you’re underweight, strive to eat 5 times a day, or at least 2500 calories, most of that essential proteins like chicken, beef, fiber and protein rich veggies. Keep carbs at a low amount. Reduce your overall fat intake and avoid fried food or empty calories like the plague.

If you’re overweight the trick is to reduce caloric intake, while also building muscle. This can be done by consuming more protein and less carbs and fats, while also eating smaller portions. You’ll also want to do a good bit of cardio on top of your gym regiment to shed calories as well, but with that said, you’ll primarily be targeting fat loss with cardio supplementation. In short, EAT often, but light and healthy. 

Also, make sure you rest, and rest as much as you can . A good 7-9 hours of sleep a day is ideal for muscle recovery. You’re going to be pretty sore, but if you’re not hurting it probably isn’t working. Take some time to relax and let your batteries recharge, you’re one step closer to achieving your warrior physique.

If you have additional tips and pointers, comment below! #Wakandaforever





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