FOOD: BK vs Mad Dog 357 (Feat. the Cast/Crew of Gottem Season 2)


BK continues the search for the perfect burn and he bring some vict…I mean friends along to ride the mash of pepper pods. Clocking in at 357,000 scoville heat units (over 80 times hotter than a jalapeno), its not the hottest sauce he’s tried…but can he take the heat when he attempts a super double dab?! Likewise, how will his new initiates into the hall of heat fare. The rules are simple: 1) eat the dabbed chip, 2) Endure a 3 minute after burn, 3) no milk or water until after enduring the afterburn…strap in for a hilarious, yet daring showing of gastrointestinal fortitude

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Could you take the heat? Let’s see if he can…


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