2018 is already becoming one of the best years for gaming with so many new games and other products on the horizon. And GTFO is going to help propel that vibe all the way through the year. With a sole studio taking on both the publishing and developing of the game, they have said that they are not constricted by anything other than their own imaginations. They get to make their own rules. To me, that is the best thing about independent game developers. You see more passion put into the projects. There could be many arguments for and against I suppose but that’s not what this article is for.

Anyway, if you’re into FPS, survival-horror, and teamwork type games, GTFO will be your game. One of the few games(could be the only one) to incorporate all of these elements together to make for an terrifying yet exciting experience for players to enjoy time and time again. With its focus on cooperative play, GTFO will prove frustrating for the lone-wolves. Check this out!

GTFO has a F.E.A.R. meets Dead Space feel to it. Intensely silent moments keeping you on edge and then moments highly intense combat situations. Of course you can’t have great horror without the music and sounds to accompany it. With that in mind the developers at 10 Chambers Collective got acclaimed composer Simon Viklund to compose the music for the game.

Image result for GTFO game

With all these elements combined GTFO will surely take its place among cult favorites in the gaming world.

GTFO is set to release this year first for PC and its speculated to make its way to consoles later in 2018.


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