The critically acclaimed Netflix series Black Mirror is back with a new season debuting six new episodes that will simply leave you questioning your existence in a tech based world; much like the last previous ones. The series has been known for its portrayal of situations with a heightened sense of reality to them that’ll leave you wondering, “is this something that could happen in the future or is it even happening now as we speak?

As a die hard “techie” and a pseudo-conspiracy theorist, I’ve pretty much I’ve been waiting all year for this new season. Black Mirror is what happens when you mesh the original yet bewildering plot of the X-Files with a [Non-White Washed] Ghost in the Shell elemental world, minus a little less of an action element. The only thing getting “ninja-ed” is your brain”.

Each episode ranges from forty five minutes to an hour and fifteen: each episode being a different story in a alternate future. If you’re looking for a good Pre-New Years binge watch to top off the year, this is it. I’ll leave this write up spoiler-free as I’m a few episodes in already but look forward to some discussion on the subject via the Player Way Podcast!

Trailer is below, but go stream season four on Netflix now!




Written by trendycosplayer

Keeping it the [cos]player way, social justice warrior, dad, culture, zenlife and taco aficionado. Follow my exploits on IG @TrendyCosplayer and Twitter @nerdyaesthetics

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