GAMES: Starlink: Battle for Atlas-Ubisoft’s swing at Destiny

Ubisoft has brought us some amazing games. There is no getting past that. The previous couple of years has seen Ubisoft bring us games such as Watch Dogs 2, Tom Clancy’s The Division and Wildlands, as well as the latest installment for the Rainbow Six franchise. Of course, we cannot forget the Farcry franchise. Ubisoft released an amazing chapter in Farcry Primal which took players to an age that has long been forgotten by mankind. I say all of this because of what the game publishing giant has on the docket for 2018, one in particular in Starlink: Battle for Atlas(SBA).

Developed by Ubisoft Toronto, SBA is an action-adventure game that takes players to the far reaches of the Atlas star system. Beginning the game your mother ship, the Equinox, is attacked and crash lands on the nearby planet. With the captain of the ship taken hostage by your adversary, Grax, Who leads The Forgotten Legion, you must stop Grax’s plan to use ancient technology to take over Atlas.

Starlink‘s gameplay is similar to that of Destiny by Bungie. You can visit different areas within the Atlas system and meet different alien species, friend and foe, some of which you can form alliances with which can then shape the outcomes and the way the player experiences the game. The player can freely explore the open space of the places you visit. Each planet you visit will be different in terms of environment, story, and obstacles. Starlink offers extensive customizable options as well as splitscreen multiplayer. Pilots are also available in conjunction with your spacecraft, each with their own ability.

The distinct feature that Starlink: Battle for Atlas offers is that it brings us a toys-to-life element.

Image result for toy story memes
But really though..

The feature was first introduced with the release of U.B. Funkeys(2007). After several years however it was the launch of Skylanders that made toys-to-life popular, with the franchise alone raking in more than $3 billion over the course of it’s first four years. To use this feature the player has a mount for their controller for which they place small action figures or figurines which the game will then bring to life onscreen. Starlink has only adopted this model and does allow the game to played without being forced to use this feature.


This will be a fun game to look forward to and the more we see of it the more the anticipation builds. Ubisoft is sure to bring us a good 2018 that we all can look forward to.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas will be available Fall 2018 for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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