TV: T-Mobile is acquiring Layer3. Plans to roll out TV service in 2018

The Uncarrier made a big announcement today, and a bold statement about the future. In their announcement that they’ve acquired Layer3, a relatively new cable company based out of Denver, and that they are going to shake up the cable TV market like they did with the mobile industry a few years ago.

T-Mobile seems to be pushing their upcoming service as an over-the-top option, which means they don’t have to come and install any new equipment, you’ll just be able to use an app on your phone or streaming box like the Roku or AppleTV. While T-Mobile won’t be the first to market in this new cable-like industry, Sony’s PlayStation Vue and Dish Network’s SlingTV are at the forefront of this revolution, they are claiming that they will be the first service to have everything you want in one place. It’s going to take a lot of work for T-Mobile to solidify their spot in this game, but the more competition there is, the better it is for us as consumers.


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