Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One is finally getting its shot on the big screen. When I first read the adventures of young Wade in the virtual worlds of the OASIS, I immediately thought “this would be an awesome summer popcorn movie.” It would seem Steven Spielberg agrees with me. Most importantly, Cline’s story appears to have survived its translation to film with its pop-cultural appropriation intact, without which the story loses all charm and simply doesn’t work. But it looks like Spielberg will be delivering another deft and entertaining nostalgia piece, a love letter to the ‘80s. Not only do the Iron Giant and Freddy Krueger make appearances, you get to see Akira’s iconic red motorcycle slide under a truck while being pursued by Doc Brown’s DeLorean and a monster truck driven by an orc. Just writing that sentence made me smile — 2018 can’t get here soon enough.

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