FILM: Weekly Top 5 – Best Movies to (re)Watch this Halloween Season

October is here my friends! And while we are in the final stretch of Oktoberfest(Prost!) You may have noticed several stores already had decorations put out for a certain great time of the year. That’s right! It’s Halloween season!

That’s right everyone! Welcome to the early Halloween edition of Weekly Top 5 to look at which movies we feel should be on your watch-list for this Halloween season.

As always, let’s start with some of our Honorable Mentions. We know there are a lot of deserving films to watch and we took a look at many of them. We wanted to make this list less about “just scary” and gear it towards those films that “scream” Halloween. And with that let’s goooooo!

In no particular order:

HM#1. The Conjuring(2013)

HM#2. The Shining(1980)

HM#3. The Addams Family(1991)

HM#4. The Exorcist(1973)

HM#5. Trick ‘r Treat(2007)

HM#6. Young Frankenstein(1974)

Moving on to our Top 5 countdown we start with,

#5. Carrie(1976)

This should always be shown as a reminder that it’s never ok to bully someone, as well as a great Halloween film!

#4. Friday the 13th(1980)

A great start to an abused franchise.

#3. Nightmare Before Christmas(1993)

All hail the Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington!

#2. Nightmare On Elm Street (’84 & 2010)

You want to show your friends you know how to stay up late? Start watching this Halloween gem of a movie and voila!

#1. Halloween(’76 & 2007)

Without a doubt one of the greatest Halloween and horror films of all time.

Thanks for dropping by! Let us know what movies or shows you like to show your Halloween spirit with!


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