FOOD: Weekly Top 5 – Our Oktoberfest Beer Choices

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Oh, Tis the season! No, not Thanksgiving or Christmas just yet. This weekend marked the beginning of two things: the official start of Fall and the start of Oktoberfest! Yeah we like the latter part a lot. Oktoberfest, the largest annual festival of beer drinking in the world, has been around since 1810 in Munich with over 6 million annual visitors joining the roughly two-week long festival. That’s a lot of beer.

For us here in the states who don’t get to travel to Munich and celebrate this joyous occasion we do the best we can. And as such we at the Play Your Way Network are going to look at some of the best beers for this season.

*Please keep in mind there a lot of beers we don’t know of

The beers that we have chosen may not have “Oktoberfest” in the name but we feel encapsulates the feel and spirit of the season, pretty much making it a märzen style beer. Check below and let us know what other kinds you’d have had!

HM#1. Yuengling Oktoberfest – Pottsville, PA

This is one of my favorite Oktoberfest brews just because I feel Yuengling does it so simply. It’s a good beer and also is a good way ease into the different beers that you may or may not have tried.

HM#2. Blue Pants Brewery Octoberfest – Madison, AL

Now, I may be slightly biased since I live forty minutes from the brewery. And yet, it is a solid refreshing choice when celebrating the Oktoberfest spirit. I definitely recommend at least trying it if you come across it.

HM#3. Red Hare Hasenpfeffer Oktoberfest – Marietta, GA

I remember having Red Hare beer for the first time. It was just different. Good but different. And their Oktoberfest beer makes statements. Not far from Atlanta if you have time I recommend trying out their other styles.

HM#4. The Black Abbey Brewing Co. Chronicles – Nashville, TN

Easily the best brewery I’ve been to. A great feel and history within this brewery and great beers all-around. Chronicles is no less different.

There are so many beers to try and I’d love to try them all but haven’t yet. So the Top 5 that I have for you are the beers that I have had myself.

#5. Samuel Adams Octoberfest – Boston, MA

TBH I’m not really a huge fan of Sam Adams most of the time but their Octoberfest brew is one of their most flavorful brews. It’s one of the most attainable and recognized beers and that plus being a good beer is why it makes the list.

#4. Cigar City Oktoberfest – Tampa, FL

I have not had a bad beer by Cigar City Brewing. They do very well in keeping to the confines of making beer but with their own unique flair.

#3. Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest – Chico, CA

One of the best märzens you can find in stores. A lot of great beers have come from this brewery and this is one of those I hold in high regard.

#2. Great Divide Brewing Co. Hoss Oktoberfest Lager – Denver, CO

Another difficult beer to find if you live where I do. But if you know where to look then you can discover quite a bit. Just like this gem. A fantastic choice year-round.

#1. Weihenstephaner Oktoberfestbier – Freising, Germany

Not my photo

Let’s be honest, a German beer for a German festival was going to top this for me. This was the epitome of Octoberfest beers that I’ve had. One of the best beers in general I’ve ever had and it truly shows you what the spirit of Oktoberfest is all about.

If you have any beers that you recommend please be sure to let us know!


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