BTS Spotlight: Raphael Lecoste, masterfully blending education and video games through art

Love them or hate them; you have to admit that the Assassin’s Creed franchise has some pretty expansive and beautifully crafted open worlds. The latest entry in the series- Origins is no exception to that rule. Hello internet, meet Raphael Lecoste-

He’s the mind responsible for bringing ancient Egypt to the modern day and he did such an amazing job that the game has released “Discovery Mode.”

Discovery mode is an immersive and interactive experience set in the vast open world and is meant to be an educational, live museum-like experience. You take control of a random avatar or eagle and ply through guided tours of the landscape, complete with cultural facts and minus combat and any enemies. It’s designed to be carefree fun.

Taking a vast, open world and using it for educational purposes is something that I feel has always lingered just beneath the surface with Ubisoft’s creations and if Lecoste’s Discovery mode gets the attention it deserves, could this mean Ubisoft would make more historically accurate locales for classroom purposes? I think that would be amazing to see. A video game company having a dual role as an educator? Wouldn’t that stir the pot for every major name that speaks out against video games rotting minds of our youth? I, for one, can’t wait and when it happens, you’ll hear about it first here at THE PLAYER WAY.


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