Weekly Movie Chat – September’s Box Office Hustlers

Hey, hey, hey! What’s up, everyone! This is James the Producer coming to you for the first time on Play Your Way Network! I’m excited to be a part of this great team! This week, I’ll be bringing to you a rundown of my picks for the TOP 5 Box Office Hustlers of the month. Please remember that this is not a list of the BEST movies in September, but the ones I think will do well at the box office.

Side Note – With the top films of Labor Day weekend being films that were released in August (Crazy Rich Asians!), we’re going to skip that weekend and start with releases happening from this weekend forward.

# 5 – “House with a Clock in Its Walls” – Release Date September 21

House with a Clock in its Walls, which is based on the novel of the same name, written by John Bellairs, tells the tale of Lewis Barnavelt (Owen Vaccaro). Lewis is a ten-year old orphan who has to go live with his “eccentric” uncle, Jonathan Barnavelt (Jack Black) who just so happens to reside in a magical house with ticking clock in its walls. As if that wasn’t enough for little old Lewis, he discovers that his uncle is a warlock after which chaos ensues when Lewis accidentally raises the raises the dead. The main cast is rounded out by heavy hitter Cate Blanchett who plays Florence Zimmerman, a good friend of Uncle Barnavelt, who assists them on their journey.

With Jack Black having a great run with family friendly movies in recent years, the clout of Cate Blanchett and great story with mystery, magic and monsters, this movie seems poised to doing well in the box office in September and likely all through Halloween. Great one for the kids. Jack Black, love the kids!

# 4 – “White Boy Rick” – Release Date September 14

White Boy Rick, based on a true story, is set in 1980s Detroit (“Crack rock, Crack rock!”) and follows the life of Rick Wershe (Richie Merritt) and father (Matthew McConaughey). During the height of the crack epidemic of the 80s, Rick would go through a life cycle of crime as a drug dealer, drug kingpin, and FBI informant, all before the ripe old age of 15. Here’s the trailer.

With Matthew McConaughey as the star power, an intriguing true story and with movie-goers fascination with the lives of drug lords, gangsters and kingpins, this is movie should do fairly well at the box office.

# 3 – “The Predator” – Release Date September 14

The Predator is a “re-imagining” of the 1980s sci-fi/horror/action classic starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. In this reboot, directed by Shane Black, the “Predators”(alien sport hunters), return to earth bigger, badder and better than ever after having upgraded themselves by genetically altering there DNA with that of other species. The government puts together a team of disgraced ex-soldiers (a Suicide Squad, if you will) and a science teacher(Really?) to fend off the Preadtors.

This movie has a bunch of nostalgia surrounding it and a decent ensemble cast of actors, (you know the, “Oh! I know who that guy is! What was he in again? type) including, Boyd Holbrook (Narcos, Logan), Sterling K. Brown (This is Us, Black Panther), Keegan-Michael Key (Key&Peele), Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight), Thomas Jane (Hung, Deep Blue Sea) and Olivia Munn. With the nostalgia and the fact that it is a slow month for big releases, this movie should pull in some decent numbers this month. This is definitely a guy’s night out movie. Make sure you remember to leave in the buffer seat!

# 2 – “Night School” – Release Date September 28

Night School stars Kevin Hart in a comedy as a successful salesman who is out of job and can’t find a new one because he never graduated high school. He must join a class of interesting characters, taught by Tiffany Hadish, and get his GED. Trailer below.

With this movie being lead by comedy powerhouses like Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish, it is sure to bring in big numbers at the box office. I only placed this one at #2 because of its late release date.

# 1 – “The Nun” – Release Date September 7

The Nun is the latest addition to the Conjuring Universe. It tells the story of Father Burke, (Demian Bichir) a priest with a storied past and a novice nun, Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) both are charged by the Vatican to investigate the death of young nun at an abbey in Romania. Once the arrive, they are met by a malicious supernatural force in the form of a nun. Try not to jump out of your seat during this trailer.

If you are a fan of any of the movies in the Conjuring Universe, most likely you’ll be a fan of this one, as well. A lot of movie-goers love scary movies, and with this movie leading into Halloween, it is sure to do well it’s first weekend and have a slow burn through out the rest of the month.

There you have it folks! My top 5 Box Office Hustlers of September. Do you agree with this list? Tell me which movie releases you think I might have overlooked in comments below.

For those of you who are interested, you can find a complete list of movie releases for September here.

Play on, play on! Later!


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