TECH & CULTURE: Finally!! A Fleet to bring us the Flying Future we all want…maybe?

Flying cars could be circling around you sooner than you think..


As ridesharing becomes more of the easy way to travel because less effort means more business opportunities, Uber has made the declaration of providing a flying taxi service. Now this was announced a while ago but what is interesting is the actual progress that has been made. Let’s take a look under the wing..


Now Uber is still about a year and a half away from its test flights but if you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles or Dubai areas, be on the look out for those test subjects in 2020. Uber has partnered with NASA to assist with the air traffic systems to place and gone even further with rotor development and working with the US Army to even opening a research center in Paris furthering the development by having an advanced set of engineers on duty at the center. This sounds promising and being located in one of the cities that this will be tested in has me ready for the Jetsons future that I have been longing for! Well, at least this Jetsons future will have some black folks in it!


But that is a rabbit hole that will wait for before I decide to get all corrupting the system on that.



Uber boasts that the sound of the taxi drones will be half of a passing truck and goes so far as to say that the first cars will be piloted before moving to fully autonomous. They elaborate that these will be taking off and landing vertically and predicts speeds of around 200 MPH. Will fly suits be provided I wonder? Hmm…maxresdefault copy


Alright so what does this mean for you? Does this matter? Is this relevant to you? I’ll answer all at once. This means that we are finally allowing the advancements we have acquired to be purposed and released. This is a step, a step toward us trying to benefit ourselves in ways that help others. This isn’t just about flying cars or convenience, this is about moving forward. This is about not always leaning on established systems in place and deciding to branch out on our own. We are just a short moment in time from being at a place where the world we grew up in, has become a distant descendant.  As consumers we demand perfection and we settle for little less so this is a huge step that Uber has presented but even more with the efforts and partnerships they have established. I look forward to this being our reality and I also dream that we are no longer willing to accept the chains of antiquity bound to our ankles. I feel it is beyond time for flying cars and honestly we need something more than the internet to be our crowning achievement and Uber may not have all the answers but it does put us in the right direction on what we can do moving forward.


We have the technology and we have the know how to solve many of the difficulties in life and I plan to be a part of it. Until then….






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