Games: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct

Greetings Fans of Geek Culture!

Another Nintendo Direct happened and it exceeded my expectations.  I stated this week on Weekly Games Chat that I was concerned with the announcement that the next Direct would focus on Smash.  After E3, investors voiced concern that Nintendo had nothing high profile for the fall other than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.  In fairness, its likely the only game they would need.  Regardless, Nintendo responded by assuring fans and investors that more announcements for the fall were coming.  My criticism this week on the show was about Nintendo’s need to follow up on that assurance with a Direct related to other games coming.

I still maintain my position, however, I’m pleased to announce that the Super Smash Direct did NOT disappoint.  Nintendo really wanted to hit hope the point that this game is not a remaster or greatest hits in the vein of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.  This is a brand new game, with the biggest roster, the largest number of stages, and tons of brand new and returning features.

The Direct introduced new fighters, most notably Simon and Richter Belmont.  I stood up and cheered (partly because of the possible tease that Konami may be teasing future Castlevania titles on Switch?)!  Other fighters making a debut are Dark Samus, Chrim and King K. Rool.  Not to mention the fact that there will be over 100 stages available to fight on until your fingers fall off.

Regardless, watch the full Direct below.  I could never do it justice with a recap!

Enjoy and Game On!


Jonathan is a cohost of Weekly Games Chat with his friends Chris and Shaun.  Weekly Games Chat posts every Wednesday on most podcasting services.  You can email us at or find us on Twitter @weeklygameschat.



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