Theory: Are the supercomputers in our pockets tracking more than what we think?

Hello internet friends and fellow conspiracy theorists, today I’ve got a doozie of a theory to share with you. So, get those tin foil hats ready and buckle up. A few weeks ago, I came across this Facebook Meme predictive text game shown below:

I started the fun off by sharing it and it wasn’t long before a good number of friends were posting their respective responses throughout the comments section of the post. Now in most cases, these little games are silly and fun; but this one ended up producing some very oddly specific and intensely introspective answers; which got my wheels turning. So, here’s the theory:

What if the fully functioning AI we’ve had for awhile now also gathers and stores information about its user’s character amongst everything else?

It’s no secret that major tech companies have released AI demonstrations in the past that have gone wildly and morally south in a matter of just days and let’s not forget that if you ask Siri and/or Alexa if she/it’s a self aware super computer, they deflects your answers. So let that all start to sink in for a second, then add in the fact that our cell phones are our most used form of media, connection and entertainment. So simply put, if Siri and Alexa are hyper AI’s that are marketed as ways to make your life more convenient; but are secretly meant to track and report on us, it stands to reason that they’ve been collecting info about each respective cellphone user to not only calibrate which advertisements to display (which is already known and public info), but to also track what your moral character is like and thus, assess your societal threat level (which would lead to your name appearing on certain watch lists or not, etc).

Hmmmm, a long shot? Maybe. But not much longer than you might think. Let’s look at a few valid points:

• we use our phones as our main source of media, connection, entertainment, communication, etc.

• Our phones come equipped with both forward and rear facing cameras and microphones with a potential to be remote accessed and gps tracked.

• Both major cellphone makers come equipped with a virtual assistant that is fully capable tracking and recording data and both companies have a proven ability to display incredible feats of AI, including seamless communication with humans.

In my opinion this is something that is both realistic and likely. They already track our data for more effective marketing and ad displays, so who’s to say what other info they may be collecting alongside that for whatever nefarious or benign reasons? All I ask is that we keep an open mind about every possible likelihood and scenario. This is definitely one that I would hate to have to say I told you so about, but all I can is compile the info and share the possibility. It’s up to you to use it to your advantage. I’m johnny and as always, I’m just watching out for you.


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