GAMES: 10 Signs You Might Be Hooked On Pokemon GO

July marks the 2 year anniversary of Niantic’s game-changing success title, Pokemon GO and while we’re definitely over the hump, nearing the end of summer, the AR adventure RPG is in its prime season, reaching a “$1.8 Revenue milestone” earlier this month.

pokemon phones(source: Variety)

While it’s clear all of the bumps and bugs of the early gameplay from the millions caught up in the hysteria of it all two years ago, at launch – coupled with the boring, mundane metagame for the first year leaving only the hardcore pidgey-grinders – alienated the growth potential of the pokemon community, 2017 was definitely a year of lessons learned forcing Niantic to switch up their game plan (literally) and now the Pokemon GO community has reached a balance, all thanks to the base of hardcore fans who day-in and day-out keep the metagame thriving.

And by hardcore, I mean if you are one of these dedicated gamers of this community, then you already know this game greatly changed the way you go about your life on a daily basis. If you don’t know what I mean, here are the 10 Signs You Might Be Hooked on Pokemon GO:

  1. A Mophie Juice Pack (or other battery backup) has become part of your normal daily accessories just like your phone, keys and wallet/purse.


2. Your daily commute to/from work and/or school has been adjusted to the most efficient route that balances replenishing your in-game inventory while getting you to work, just late enough that no one will complain.

pokemon drive.gif

3. When your clothing on weekend and other leisure days is slightly influenced by your in-game team’s color.


4. If you know what the phrase “Have you checked the Discord?” means and you  know exactly the process by which to answer that question.


5. If the idea of getting a phone call during a raid/rare catch causes you a slight anxiety while reading this. Sorry…I had to do it.


6. If you have a Mew or Mewtwo in your Pokedex. Just to get one of these, is a huge investment in time.


7. If owning a phone harness was something that became essential to help you swipe pokestops quickly and safely (while obeying all traffic laws, of course). BONUS HACK GIF BELOW


8. If you get excited after that direct deposit hits because you need to hit that in-game shop up.


9. If you can’t go for that morning/afternoon walk or jog without checking your incubators and occasionally popping a lucky egg to get the most XP…OR…or…you started an exercise regiment based around hatching eggs.


10. And the MOST hardcore symptom of them all….If you have planned a vacation in the last year that is influenced by a regional exclusive Pokemon.

pkmn vacay



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