SPOTLIGHT: The Mind Behind Dr. Strange’s Magic

Hello internet friends, meet Adam Frank.

He’s one of the brightest minds in astrophysics in the world and currently teaches his knowledge at the university of Rochester in New York. His research is highly regarded by his colleagues, students and aspiring minds alike. Now, unless you’ve spent the last ten years living under a rock or just recently woke up from a coma, then it should be no surprise that the MCU has absolutely taken the world by storm. With compelling storytelling, magnetic villains, larger than life consequences and perfectly placed humor- not including Thor: Ragnarok’s tryhard jokes– it’s easy to see why; but from a consumer standpoint, my affection for this Universe came from how all of its truly fantastical mysticism was grounded in scientific reality. It can be easy to suspend our disbelief when it comes to watching our heroes kicking major ass; but really think about it. All of the movies can explain their premise and overwhelming power of the heroes with science. The only one that even stood a chance of standing against this was Doctor Strange. It’s all magic, right? No science, right? Wrong.

Enter Adam Frank- the scientific mastermind behind Doctor Strange that Marvel specifically sought out for guidance. Frank, Marvel’s lead science consultant for the movie used his deeper knowledge and foundational understanding of quantum physics to make sure that attention was paid to even the most minute details in the film. For the most avid movie goer; ensuring consistency across the board and providing logical explanations for how the Doc’s powers manifest in our reality was a top priority. For more on how he contributed to the film itself, check out this awesome video The Film Theorists did and after careful review, you’ll see that the only magic that took place on the film was sparked solely from the beautifully intricate brain of Mr. Adam Frank and it’s far too often that the brightest minds get overlooked and I wouldn’t be JohnnyWatcher if I wasn’t watching out for all of you. So let’s take a moment to look beyond the flash and glamour of the big screen to honor those who helped make the collective vision of an entire generation, a reality. From all of us here at The Player Way, thank you for all you do, Mr. Frank.

I’m Johnny and as always, I’m watchin out for ya


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