FILM: How Deadly Is Each Avenger?

They may be “The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” but doesn’t mean they spend their time saving cats in trees. The Avengers are as advertised: Superpowered beings with the abilities meet and defeat any challenge the world is faced with. And to that task people have to die! Yes these heroes fight for our safety which often means ending the life of a bad guy at a moment’s notice. Today we take a look at which Avengers are the deadliest of all. Read on. You may be surprised.


A merciful God he is not! Have you ever heard the phrasing “kicking ass and taking names”? Well Thor doesn’t care about your name. Many have debated whether Thor is the strongest Avenger, usually citing his many squabbles with The Hulk in the MCU but there can be no question of whether he is the deadliest Avenger or not. 90% of Thor’s battles are him taking on 90% of the battlefield and of that 90% of the battlefield 135% has their asses handed to them. Thor has been around for thousands of years and in those thousands of years he has been slaughterin’ baddies. With our own eyes we have witnessed Thor destroy legions of frost giants, Chitauri, and demon’s and for added bonus he tells us of the many many more he’s vanquished while casually chatting with Rocket Raccoon in Avengers: Infinity War. Mjolnir has definitely placed nails in a lot of coffins!

Iron Man

The MCU loves to revisit the following theme; Tony Stark is just a man in a suit. How much damage can he do really? Well the answer is ALL OF IT! He does all of the damage. Tony Stark took to superhero’in like an iron fish in water in 2008’s “Iron Man.” Fresh off of his previous employment as arms manufacturer and dealer, Tony kills everything in his way to escape a cave in the middle-east. He follows this up by telling HIMSELF to “Hold my beer” and goes back in a shiny new suit to lay down even more of his own bloody version of the law. From that point Tony soars through The MCU shooting missiles and lasers from every orifice while using any lab with MS-DOS to create new orifices to shoot more missiles and lasers from. What lands Tony on this list is his battlefield slaughtering display in 2012’s “Avengers”. Tony, in a last ditch effort to both save NYC and destroy Loki’s space fleet, redirects a nuclear missile launched by SHEILD directly into The Chitauri Mothership hovering above Earth. We see the ship explode instantly killing anyone inside while simultaneously relieving The Chitauri soldiers on the ground of their pesky habit of breathing. Not bad for “just a man in a suit” huh?

The Hulk

What could possibly be worse than The Hulk completely hulked out, green on the verge of red, muscles upon muscles beneath muscles, staring you directly into your eyes awaiting your next move? Well, that same hulking beast kicking you in your chest after deciding that your next move should be you flying across the battlefield and 80mph. In 2008’s “The Incredible Hulk” Emil Blonsky (Timothy Roth) learned firsthand what comic readers had known for years: The Hulk will straight up end you! He’s the one you call in when the odds are no longer in your favor. You’ve got an alien army? We’ve got a Hulk. You’ve got a robot army? Again, We’ve got a Hulk. Got a blonde God of Thunder-Bro feeling himself just a little too much? No worries, we’ve got a Hulk! The thing that makes The Hulk different from the other Avengers is that sometimes he actually is a straight up murderer. An uninhibited Hulk running around will kill anything… including but not limited to Harlem. Yes, the green machine that we loved to laugh with in 2017’s “Thor Ragnarok” once tore through every thing in his path in a one on one fight with Abomination in Harlem. The Hulk is willing at any point to get his hands dirty especially if that dirt is billowing up from your body as he pounds you into the ground.

Captain America

When you think of an Avenger wading in amongst unbeatable odds, it is hard not to think about Cap’s countless battles against Hydra. Usually armed with little more than his shield, Steve Rogers would generally cause wonton destruction in the ranks of his enemies. Despite being a morally just character, Captain America is a brutal character when it comes to crushing his foes. His super soldier status makes him a dangerous man in general, but he also uses his vibranium shield with devastating results. It doesn’t matter who stands in his way, because they are bound to catch a lethal shield blow to the face. When facing off vs. human, alien, or robotic foes, The Super Soldier wrecks his foes and even tries to go toe to toe with the Mad Titan. That doesn’t end too well for Cap, but he never backs down from a fight. He single-highhandedly takes on enemies with a reckless abandon. He may be old as hell and a bit frostbitten, but Grandpa Frisbee can still beat the tar out of almost any enemy that crosses his path.

Black Widow

As deadly as the creature that she is named after, Natasha Romanoff has left a trail of bodies behind her. Despite being an unaugmented mortal, she is a highly trained assassin that has almost no compunction about violence. Even when she faces off with foes that outmatch her, she finds a way to kick their asses up between their ears. A checkered and bloody past may haunt her, but it prepared her for the brutal battles she would face as a part of the Avengers. Using guns, techno-gadgets, electroshock weaponry, and her own badass fighting skills, Black Widow has held her own amongst the team as they have waged battles against enemies of every type. The battles in New York and Sokovia attest to that. Her crowing moment came as she helped take down Proxima Midnight (spoiler alert). Her ability to adjust to any situation and fight against any enemy makes her one of the most dangerous Avengers, even though she is one of the least powerful in the team. She may be a mere mortal, but she is the Black Widow for a reason!


A man that can’t miss will litter the field with his foes. Clint Barton may be a part time team member of the Avengers, but he has definitely racked up the body count when he has appeared on screen. Hawkeye is another Avenger that relies on advanced training instead of powers (Thor) or technology (Iron Man), but that doesn’t stop him from going bow to toe with any enemy that crosses his sights. While he hasn’t always been on the right side of the fight, Barton is still a deadeye when it comes to laying down the hurt on his adversaries. With his amped up bow and arrows, Hawkeye has rained destruction on his enemies in the major battles throughout the first four phases of the MCU. His talents may be limited to his advanced training and specific skill set, but he uses them to devastating effect. He sat out Infinity War, but his bloody influence is definitely something that can be seen in every movie he appears in.

But of course it’s not what we think that matters. What do you, the reader, think? Did we get it wrong? Left off someone important? Let us know  your thoughts in the comment section below!


Curated By Jay Daniel and Ian Townsend


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