FOOD: The Co-Captains vs The Pepper Palace – Captain’s Challenge Eps 14 & 15


Derreck is back along side BK to take on a cadre of capsaicin contenders boiled in a cauldron called Pepper Palace. In BK’s journey, he acquired a couple of sauces that constitute the pinnacle of heat.  As purveyors of pepper pods, potions and powders, the co-captains have accepted the call.  In episode 14, while watching NFL network, the guys climb the ladder of heat revisiting some older contenders, before reaching “Times Up” Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce clocking in at 1.9 million scoville.

Then in ep 15 they head toward “The End” a 6 million scoville heat unit hot sauce on a wing that already has a spicy dry rub. The rules are simple: 1) eat all of the flavoring on the chip and swallow, 2) Endure a 3 minute after burn, 3) no milk or water until after enduring the afterburn…strap in for a hilarious, yet daring showing of gastrointestinal fortitude

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Could you take the heat? Let’s see if they can…


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