GAMES: DmC and offending the masses

With Capcom’s reimagining of the Devil May Cry series debuting just over five years ago, DmC has certainly aged well; but this wasn’t always the case. In fact, once upon a time, the game received massive amounts of hate from traditional DMC fans due to the revamped character design and updated dialogue, several of which were citing Dante’s new “emo” look. This wasn’t my experience at all. I thoroughly loved the game for it graphics, gameplay, revamped combat systems and enemy designs. What I found the most appealing was the brand new storyline, formatted for a new generation that, for lack of a better word, turned their nose up to it. Critics called it predictable and traditional fans called it bland; but truth be told, I think the game’s story was poorly received due to its immersive plot line that runs way too close to home. Let me explain:

Whereas the classic game was obviously fiction and set in a false or alternate world, It was easy to suspend your disbelief. This new world was teeming with life and similarities that paralleled our own reality. For example:

• The humans of this world are massively enslaved through debt to major banks- which are run by demons.

• The media is heavily regulated by demons that only allow information they want you to know to be transmitted.

• The mass population is addiction to an energy drink that keeps the exhausted and complacent.

Are we seeing this yet? The world is a reimagining of OUR world and hypocrisy leads the charge. Humans are portrayed as weak, addicted, entitled, complacent maggots that are nothing more than prey and I think this is what lies at the heart of the reason why the story was rejected. As living humans, we love to feel like the hero of our story and this game portrays us in our absolute most humiliating form and it seems like the few that enjoyed the story are the ones that already accepted that very real truth about our existence. If you haven’t ever bothered to play it, go dust off a copy and venture the tyrannous world from this mindset and you’ll see the game dripping with eye opening similarities; most of which are very unsettling to consider. If you get just one thing from the experience at all, it’ll ruin energy drinks for sure. Probably time to kick the habit before it kills you anyway, but you know me, I’m just looking out for ya.


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