MUSIC: #NICKIDAY is trending as Nicki Minaj fires shots at Cardi B and Quavo

In a cinematic-like turn of events, a week that was all about Cardi B going gold with her debut in just 48 hours became abuzz about a mysterious rollout still trending as #NICKIDAY. As Cardi continued her media tour, cryptic tweets from both Nicki (and also speculated co-conspirator Young Thug) which turned out to lead up to artwork for 2 new tracks “Chun Li” and “Barbie Tingz.” The only hint was that the music would drop at 10am PST.


Well fans got more than they bargained for as it would be revealed that just before the track would be released, Nicki would give a candid Zane Lowe interview on Beats One Radio (Apple Music). Play Your Way Network was listening (Shout out to Darius @trendycosplayer and BK @pywnetwork) for the plug. Cutting to the sauce, Nicki FINALLY breaks the subliminals and goes in on why she is taking the beef personal and calls out Quavo and Cardi out by name, if you missed it – we got you:

And then at the apex of the interview, the new music dropped. Here’s what we think:

If you are a fan of both of these ladies, congrats – it’s about to get DEEP! And if you don’t care, at least you are up to date on the interwebs trends.


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