Play NBA Playoffs Bracket Challenge with the PYWN Crew

The 2018 NBA Playoffs are upon us there plenty of entertaining games on the horizon. There are also several storylines that make these 2018 games some of the most interesting in recent years and we’re sure to see an explosive battle to win a championship in June.

We have the ability to get in on some playoff action on our own thanks to the team over at They’ve got the NBA Playoffs Bracket Challenge and offered the chance at $1 Million (read: 6 ZEROS!) for anyone can complete the perfect bracket. Other prizes include a range of items from NBAStore.Com gift codes to a trip to the NBA All-Star game in Charlotte, NC.

A free chance at million dollars alone is worth signing up, even if you hate basketball. They make it easy as point-and-click when picking winners. Don’t know the difference between LeBron James and Lonzo Ball? No problem! Just pick based on which team’s mascot would win in a head to head fight. Don’t know the difference between The Triangle Offense(a real thing) and the Quadratic Mid-Defensed(not a real thing)? Don’t worry, just choose based on the color scheme you like most. Even my three year old will participate. His strategy is to pick whichever team he thinks smells the most like poop. Sound logic.

It’s simple to sign up just follow these easy steps:

  • Click here to go to The Player Way Bracket Pool.
  • Register/login
  • The last regular season games are played on Wednesday, April 11th. After they have finished, the field will be set and you will be able to choose playoff winners and losers.
  • You have until 12:00:00am, April 14, to set your bracket.
  • Sit back and root for your smelliest team to win you the big bucks.

Click for Prizes and Rules

Good luck! Stay tuned too, as we will keep you updated on the latest NBA news each round.


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