TV: Play Your Way Network’s Top 5 Television Dramas of All Time List (WRITER’S CHOICE)

Come one, come all and WELCOME to this special edition of the Play Your Way Network’s Team Member’s Choice(TMC) of TV’s Top 5 Dramas. Wow that can be a mouthful. If you’ve heard recent episodes of Player Way Podcast with our fearless leaders BK, Derreck, and Nate then you’d be familiar with their countdown lists for various film and television genres leading up to the big Episode 50! So the team members wanted to get in on the action as well.

Watch the video teaser to see the list and read below to get more info:

To begin, we have a few honorable mentions(HM). The honorable mentions were calculated based on the recommendations and how high they were on the writers lists.

HM #1: The Leftovers (HBO)

By Larry.


By Ian P.

HM #3: Power (STARZ)

By Darius.

HM #4: The West Wing (NBC)

By Bink.

HM #5: Sherlock (BBC)

By Ian T.

And now we begin the primetime choices of this top 5 countdown.

#5. The Sopranos (HBO)

An introspective look at how, New Jersey mob boss, Tony Soprano deals with issues both personally and professionally leading him seek psychiatric counseling. Based on fictional characters, it’s easy to get this show confused with how real it may seem.

#4. Friday Night Lights (NBC)

Friday Night Lights. If you’re from a small town then this probably may have more meaning for you. The show follows the lives of teens and adults alike as a new high school head football coach comes to town. Who knew high school football could carry so much drama? Oh wait…

#3. Game of Thrones

Arguably, one of HBO’s greatest shows ever, Game of Thrones brings together all of the elements that a great show needs to thrive in the world of television. Based on the literary works by George R. R. Martin.

#2. The Wire (HBO)

Revolving around inner-city Baltimore, The Wire follows a joint task force of police officers that are put on a mission to take down a drug kingpin. The show takes you on a suspense-fueled ride along as it explores both sides of the line. It does a great job keeping you hooked as all of it really does come down to the wire.

#1. Breaking Bad (AMC)

The story of how desperate measures drive a high school chemistry teacher to enter the world of illegal drugs in order to give his family a better future. Brian Cranston drives this entire show. With the help of a well-grounded supporting cast, Breaking Bad entices you to the very end and that’s why it’s our Play Your Way Network’s Team Members number one choice for TV’s Best Drama.

Thanks for checking us out and special thanks to everyone who helped both curate and make this list look great!


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