Fitness: The Ultra Instinct workout- How to craft the body of a Super Saiyan God

I hear ya, internet. Summer is right around the corner and you want to spend as little time wearing a shirt as you possibly can, but you don’t want to spend hours at a gym and frankly, who does? Now, if you feel a little intimidated about getting started, not to worry, I’ve got you covered. Coming from someone who is a die hard, life long Dragonball fan and fitness enthusiast, I’ve crafted a workout plan that can be done in just four days out of the week that’ll take your body from Majin Buu to Ultra Instinct faster than you can say Instant Transmission. Keeping in the realm of Goku’s training, these workouts are all done with your own body weight, so no equipment will be required, although having a Hyperbolic Time Chamber would really help. Most importantly, these can all be done in less time than the average episode of Super and in your living room, so no more excuses! Alright internet, LEND ME THE POWER OF YOUR ATTENTION for just a moment and I’ll make your body the (spirit) bomb. I am your Master Roshi now.

First things always first-

Get a great stretch in. Put a lot of emphasis on the shoulders and chest with these as well as hips and knees. If you’re not normally very active physically, then take a good amount of time to really warm up. These workouts are meant to be done with intensity, so move through it as quickly as possible- with very little to no rest. All reps are done using the 3-1-3 method. Ex: standard push ups are on a 3 count as you go down, hold at the bottom for 1 count and 3 count on the come up. Adjust to your body’s capabilities. If you can’t do all of the reps without stoping, then rest for a second, but then you’re gonna give me my reps!

DAY 1 (Kaioken) : Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

  • Standard push-ups
    • 4 sets of 20
  • Feet elevated push-ups(feet above chest- best done with a chair)
    • 4 sets of 20
  • Peak push-ups (make upside down “V” with your body – with most weight leaning on shoulders)
    • 4 sets of 20
  • Tricep push-ups (diamond push-ups)
    • 4 sets of 20
  • Chair tricep dips
    • 4 sets of 20

DAY 2: (Super Saiyan) Back, Biceps and Core

  • Standard Pull-ups(grip should be about shoulder-width w/ palms facing outward)
    • 4 sets of 10
  • Close Grip pull-ups(same idea but w/ hands within shoulder width)
    • 4 sets of 10
  • Scapula push-ups(from push up position let your shoulder blades come together, then explode out- it’s a very small movement)
    • 4 sets of 20
  • Body weight bicep curls(palms facing you and shoulder width apart, slant your body so you’re leaning at an angle, then curl)
    • 6 sets of 15
  • Chin ups(same idea as close grip pull-ups, but w/ Palms facing you
    • 4 sets of 10

DAY 3: (Super Saiyan God, Base Form) Legs and Abs

  • Body weight squats
    • 4 sets of 25
  • Feet together squats
    • 4 sets of 25
  • Jump-split squats (training at 10x earth gravity requires strong legs, starting w/ feet together, squat down, explode off feet and move legs to shoulder width for a squat there. Seamless motion between the two. Let momentum guide you into each. Each reps consists of both motions. Two squats per rep.
    • 4 sets of 25
  • Single leg calf raises
    • 4 sets 25 each leg
  • Planks (flat body, exhale and tighten core)
    • 4 sets, Hold position for 60 seconds
  • Flutter kicks (hands under butt, legs straight, exhale and keep core tight
    • 4 sets, Hold alternate legs kicking for 60 seconds
  • Leg lifts (same position as flutter kicks, but keep feet together and move feet about six inches)
    • 4 sets of 15

DAY 4: (Super Saiyan Blue) Cardio and Core

You’re going to need a Senzu Bean after this one for sure. You can thank me after winning the world tournament.

  • Majin Buurpees
    • 4 sets of 25
  • Planks
    • 2 sets of 2 mins
  • Side planks(alternate between positioning body up onto your left arm, bent at the elbow, then move to your right arm)
    • 2 sets of 1 min each side.
  • Hanging straight leg lifts
    • 4 sets of 10

I’ve custom designed this workout plan for anyone on any level of fitness and all of the movements can be googled for further clarification on form or technique. Alternatively, if any of these movements are uncomfortable and/or painful, then alternate motions can be substituted by also googling; or leave a comment on the post and I’ll get back to you myself with some alternate ideas.


I think we can all agree that Goku eats like he trains and that’s part of the reason his physique is so on point. So let’s break that down. Most of what I’ve seen Goku eat over the years is rice and boy, we’re talking about a ton of rice here, but keep in mind he’s also technically an alien and often trains in several times earth’s normal gravity, so maybe not the best idea for you or me. Instead of all that rice, let’s focus on protein. For stacking muscle, you’re going to want to get about 1-1.5g of protein per lb of IDEAL body weight, so if you want to weigh 160lbs, then you need about 160-240g of protein from healthy sources like chicken breast, turkey breast, salmon, lean beef etc. Don’t worry so much about calories with these types of workouts, you’ll burn it off, I promise; but that doesn’t mean go eat a bunch of twinkies and expect results. Keep it clean, you guys. I highly recommend downloading myfitnesspal from the App Store to track all of your food intake. Keep fats and carbs low and protein high.

“But Johnny, I REALLY wanna eat like Goku!” For our die hard fitness readers, you can use Goku’s fasting technique, but be warned- it’s brutal; however I’ve done this personally for months on end and it was surprisingly effective. Here’s what we do: chose an 8hr window of time to get all your eating done, preferably after you’ve trained. So say you work out at 6am, then you’ll hit your workout, then eat all the food for the day from 8am to 4pm, then you won’t eat or drink anything (other than water) until 8am the next day. This is also called “Intermittent fasting” if you want to google for more info.

The third and final aspect of achieving the true Ultra Instinct is Goku’s focus, mentality and Ki and I’ll tell you exactly how I personally do it. I like to start my day with about 20 mins of guided meditation, by which I mean, I’ll find a YouTube video for all sorts of different effects, close your eyes and simply follow the instructions. I personally like to do the ones centered around positivity and awareness. Then, on my way to work, I’ll listen to motivational and inspirational YouTube videos or podcasts. These make a significant difference for my mindset; however this portion is just highly recommended, but not required.

As with anything in life, consistency is key and we are the masters of our own destiny, so stick with this plan for the next 12 weeks. Keep that diet and motivation on point and it won’t be long before it’s obvious why Goku would destroy Superman in a fight and if you disagree then come at me, bro. 💪🏼

Hey I’m Johnny and I’m just watching our for ya.


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