#MotivationMonday: Living the Dream vs. Just Dreaming || Trek 2 Greatness Ep. 2

We have all heard it before…”Dream BIG!” But what exactly does that mean? Going out there and having some unattainable goal that requires you to quit your dayjob? Anyone who has left their job for a more hopeful, yet uncertain future, knows that the decision to take that “leap of faith” can be a tricky one. For me, it was about getting to the heart of my  life’s passions and truly finding a way to better provide for my family.

My biggest piece of advice…Count the cost and count your blessings. In order to know if it’s time to jump ship from your current employer and set out on the seas of change, you have to take a quick talley – a sort of cost/benefit analysis. One must ask themselves “What will it cost me to leave this job?” Will it be the security of a sure thing? Perhaps, like in my case, it will cause you to have to sell your beloved family home and rent for a while. I had to also count the cost of staying at my old job – considering the long hours, the less than desirable pay, and the general job dissatisfaction that comes from expecting things to come to pass when they are not meant to be. Oh, the prayers I prayed in those most difficult days! The writing was truly on the wall and it was time to seriously take stock of the skills I possess, and the supportive wife who stands by my side. With my research completed on the job prospects for pilots out there, it was time for me to jump from the nest and fly.

The video below is my update from completing my first 3 months of pilot school. If I am on the heroes journey I hope I am on, this is not the turning point, but the rising action.

Whether it is your time to fly or continue to develop your strengths will depend on so many factors that it is difficult to know what to do. In a city like Atlanta, I am surrounded by so many success stories – people who seem to be “living the dream”. In many people’s life story, we seldom see the struggle that went into it or even the hustle put forth to “push past the pain”. But remember that it has been said: “The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow…so don’t give up.”

Be sure to catch my future posts every other #MOTIVATIONMONDAY on Play Your Way Network. It will contain more photos, video updates, and personal insights as I strive towards making my dreams a reality.

Thank you for reading along and following my journey, as YOU Trek 2 Greatness!

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