BUSINESS: #MotivationMonday – Apply Your Experience (The State of Play Vol 1, Ep 3)

It’s #MotivationMonday, the perfect way to start your week so you can get motivated and stay strong until Friday is back again, lol.


Volume 1 was all about learning the rules of the game, so you can play your career the way you want. In Episode 3 (of 6): Michael, BK, Jay, and James (as pictured) continue the convo as they apply their tactics to beat their opponents at the table. You see, in business it’s not enough to have the skills or understand the game, you have to APPLY your knowledge at some point – and that is the focus in this ep. While the Jacks of Trade specialize in creative and a/v production fields, their advice is transferable because their language of client/customer services is universal.

Episode 3 is all about collecting everything you’ve learned, taking risks and all in the name of reaping the benefits of a great idea made real via application. So…time to practice, apply time, attention and watch now!



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