FILM: Where To Spend Your Money This Weekend: “Red Sparrow” vs. “Game Night”

For the *cleans monocle* sophisticated film viewer the obvious choice of where to drop your coins this week at the theater would be the Academy Award Winner Jennifer Lawrence led “Red Sparrow”.

What with the director of Hunger Games once again directing Lawrence, an action-packed trailer that feels part equal parts “Black Swan” & “Atomic Blonde” it would seem to be a sure-fire hit right?

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. “Red Sparrow”, while attempting to capitalize on the recent trend of female-led action films (think “Proud Mary”, “Wonder Woman” & the aforementioned “Atomic Blonde), doesn’t quite measure up. Questions will arise, “Is this an action film”, “is this drama”, “Should there be at least one Russian in a film primarily about Russian affairs” and what’s worse none of these are really answered. Instead, we are subjected to repeated themes of secrecy and watching Jennifer Lawrence cross streets and enter rooms. There are spots of action that are very intense and well done and in these moments the film works best but by the film’s end you’re left wondering, “Do I care?”

Luckily, in its second weekend is the underrated and terribly promoted “Game Night.”

“Game Night” is the most recent of what I like to call “relatable comedies” in theaters and it is a total delight and hilarious film to watch. Jason Batemen & Rachel McAdams score big as an ultra-competitive couple who routinely host game nights with their friends. While there are moments that require you to suspend every once of disbelief in you the overall interaction between the couples and the group as a whole on this wild night is beyond satisfying. “Game Night” also surprise you with a breakout comedic role from Jesse Plemmons who plays the awkward neighbor who was once a part of the game night but since divorcing his wife, who the gang loved much more, has been shunned and every moment of him on screen is a laugh. Think Zach Galifianakis in “Hangover” or “Tiffany Haddish in “Girls Trip”. Yes, it’s that dope!

Both “Red Sparrow” and “Game Night” are in theaters now.


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