Tech: Three Apple iPhones in 2018

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, Apple is planning three devices that will target a wider range of customers.  The smartphones include a large device known as a “phablet”, obviously a device nearing the size of a tablet and will be the biggest iPhone yet.  The screen will be approximately 6.5 inches. Finally, Apple made an iPhone for Shaq.


The second phone will be similar in size to the iPhone X.  Like the larger model, the phone will bring back Face ID, have an A12 processor, and feature stainless steel edges.  This iPhone will be Apple’s high-end smartphone.

Finally, Apple is planning to release a lower grade, less expensive model that will have some of the features of the flagship phone’s key features.

Its clear that this move comes after a less than stellar sales performance of the iPhone X. While this could have been greatly due to manufacturing delays, the company is not taking any chances.  With this new lineup, Apple is seeking to appeal to a wide market with different wants and needs for their handheld devices.  Whether you are looking for a device like the Samsung Galaxy Note, or the hottest tech in the iPhone X, or a more affordable version of that model, Apple wants to have you covered.


According to the report, Apple is currently in the test phase mode with announcements officially coming this fall.  Its important to note that all of this info was obtained thru anonymous sources.  Are you looking to upgrade this fall?  Let us know in the comments.

Jonathan is a cohost of Weekly Games Chat with his friends Chris and Shaun.  Weekly Games Chat posts every Wednesday on most podcasting services.  You can email us at or find us on Twitter @weeklygameschat.



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