BUSINESS: #MotivationMonday – The Power of Observation (The State of Play Vol 1, Ep 2)

It’s #MotivationMonday, the perfect way to start your week so you can get motivated and stay strong until Friday is back again, lol.


Volume 1 was all about learning the rules of the game, so you can play your career the way you want. In Episode 2 (of 6): Michael, BK, Jay, and James (as pictured) continue the convo as they investigate has the best hand. Meanwhile, they examine the idea that just because you’ve observed doesn’t mean everything is as it seems. While the Jacks of Trade specialize in creative and a/v production fields, their advice is transferable because their language of client/customer services is universal.

Episode 2 is all about Investigating the outcomes of your observations and making an informed decision about the best course of action to take. So…time to practice, investigate if what the guys are saying makes senseand watch now!



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